Terms and conditions

    The general terms and conditions of participation apply to ‘The Meister Hunt’ competition
    held by Jägermeister Belgium represented by Remy-Cointreau Belgium (as defined below).
    By participating, each participant shall recognize these terms and conditions of participation
    as well as the Terms and Conditions of participation and deadlines named separately in the
    case of the individual competitions. 

    A hard copy of the present terms and conditions can be obtained by sending a request to the
    following address: Remy-Cointreau Belgium BV, Culliganlaan 2F, 1831 Machelen. Entering
    a competition is free of charge and does not imply any purchase obligation.

    The organizer of the competition is: Remy-Cointreau NV, Culliganlaan 2F, 1831 Machelen,
    Belgium hereinafter “the Organizer”.

    a. Provided that nothing else has been indicated, those entitled to participate shall include all
    individuals who are of legal age. Minors and those who are of age whose legal competency is
    limited, require a written consent from their legal representative in order to participate.

    b. Provided that nothing else has been indicated, a person enters the competition by providing
    a response to all of the competition’s questions and/or also sending in required material (e.g.
    photographs, texts, drawings, dj sets, …), filling out the registration form and submitting
    it. Entering and initiating participation to a Competition implies unconditional acceptance of
    the present terms and conditions. Each Participant will accordingly be deemed to have read
    and understood these terms and conditions and accepted them in full together with any
    decisions taken by the Organizer and/or the selected jury.

    c. One person may only take part in competition a single time.

    d. Should participation require sending in material, each participant confirms to be the rightful
    owner of any and all (intellectual) property rights related to the uploaded or sent material. By
    sending, each participant shall transfer ownership to the Organizer as well as comprehensive
    rights to use the material submitted. The Organizer shall assume no responsibility for any sent
    material, unless the Organizer or one of its employees act deliberately or are culpable of gross
    negligence. After completion of the competition, the Organizer shall be entitled to destroy all
    submitted material. 

    e. The participant shall be responsible for the accuracy of the required information, especially
    the e-mail address. The Organizer shall assume no liability for incomplete or inaccurate
    information. In the case of indicating false personal information, disqualification from the
    competition can take place according to point 5 (2).

    f. Participation via third parties that act as a commercial broker of raffles, competitions and/or raffles shall be ruled out.
    a. Information on prizes can be taken from respective competition announcements and
    notifications. It is not mandatory that the object presented as a prize as part of the competition
    be identical with the object that is won. In fact, there can be deviations with regard to model,
    color, among other things. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for such deviations.

    b. The prize is personal and non-transferable. It shall only be awarded to the Winners and can
    only be claimed for a certain edition by the winner of the relevant competition. The prize
    cannot be exchanged for other products, services or cash. The prize is indivisible and can only
    be accepted as such. The organizer retains the exclusive right to choose the winners.

    c. The winners will be notified by e-mail. If the winner does not contact us within a period of
    one week of having received notification, claim to the prize shall be forfeited and a substitute
    winner shall be determined according to the same process. The winner has the right to refuse
    the prize by making a written declaration. It this case, claim to the prize shall also be forfeited
    and a substitute winner shall be determined.

    d. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to publicly announcing his/her
    name and where he/she lives.

    e. The end date of the competition is on 30/06/2022 midnight.

    a. The organizer shall be entitled to refuse participation without any indication of reasons.
    Principally, there is no entitlement to participate.

    b. In particular, this shall apply in the event of non-compliance with the Terms and
    Conditions, the use of technical means or other manipulative and/or illicit aid. This shall also
    apply in the case of making numerous applications for the same person to participate and
    deliberately providing false personal information.

    c. Furthermore, the Organizer shall reserve the right to exclude, even retroactively,
    participants whom have already been accepted at any time, as well the right to deny prizes and
    demand them back.

    a. Until the prize has been handed over, the Organizer shall expressively reserve the right to
    change the course of the competition and/or modify and the type and scope of the prize as
    well as replace the prize with something else without any indication of reasons.

    b. Furthermore, the Organizer reserves the right to end or cancel competitions without any
    reason or notification. In particular, the Organizer shall make avail of the possibility if, due to technical reasons (e.g. viruses in computer systems, manipulation or error in hardware and/or software) or due to legal reasons, an orderly execution of the competition cannot be ensured. To the extent that such a termination is caused by the behaviour of a participant, the Organizer shall be entitled to demand compensation from this individual for the damages incurred.

    a. In order to be able to participate in a raffle or competition, it is essential to indicate personal information in a complete manner and that this information is free from error. By participating in a competition, the participant expressively gives the Organizer his/her consent to save and process the required information. Furthermore, the participant expressively gives his/her consent to transfer the data for the purpose of conducting the competition.

    b. The participant may revoke his/her consent to process and save the information at any time and thereby withdraw from participation.

    c. Upon request, the Organizer shall give each participant information free of charge on all personal data that has been saved by it and shall immediately delete this information upon request free of charge. For this purpose, it is sufficient to send a message via e-mail with a list of the information to be deleted.

    d. The Organizer shall undertake to adhere to legal regulations concerning data privacy
    a. The Organizer shall not assume any liability for material defects and defects of title of the
    prizes that have been donated by cooperation partners.

    b. The Organizer shall only be liable for damages that have been caused by the Organizer or
    one of its employees with intent, due to gross negligence, or infringement of cardinal
    obligations. This shall not apply to injuries, death and/or impairments to the health.

  2. OTHER
    a. Legal action shall be ruled out.

    b. If individual provisions should be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the
    remaining terms and conditions of participation.

    c. These terms and conditions of participation can be changed by the Organizer at any time
    without any special notification.